Our team consists of professionals of sufficient practical experience and expertise on the various stages of work on the projects. That allows us to guarantee each client the achievement of the set objectives (article on the objective setting) through solutions proposed by us.

Here are the team specialists who will manage your project:

Project Manager

  • Keeps in touch with the client
  • Is well familiar with the technologies
  • Organizes and manages work flow and project resources
  • Keeps track of the deadlines

Creative § Designer

  • Taking into account the marketing objectives creates ideas for overall outlook
  • Creates customized solutions for information structure and navigation
  • Combines colours, print types and compositions

Web developer

  • Develops and manages data base
  • Creates and integrates applications and modules
  • Abides coding standards

Quality assurance

  • Performs tests of the prepared application through user activity stimulation
  • Ensures quality applications

Internet Marketing

  • Explores markets, niches and competitors
  • Develops overall internet marketing strategies
  • Ensures maximum effectiveness of the marketing campaigns


  • Maintain relationships with online medias
  • Creates and publishes press relieses
  • Monitores online medias